Vanessa Brown Counselling for Young People and Adults


"To Vanessa, Thank you so much for all your amazing help, thanks to my time with you I have become a much happier person, and more relaxed, and I know myself so much more. My self-esteem and anxiety have improved so much, and I feel much lighter!" (aged 14)

"Dear Vanessa, thank you so much for helping me to know myself, and showing me how to improve my confidence at this strange time in my life. You really have been a massive help." (aged 18)

"Hi Vanessa, from our perspective we have been delighted with the way you have worked with and supported ….. It has helped all of us, as to see her getting to know herself, developing an understanding of her many strengths and growing towards a greater self-acceptance, has been a source of great joy and made for a calmer, happier home. Really, we couldn’t have hoped for more." (parents of 14 year old)

"I've never had counselling before so I really didn't know what to expect. From the start, Vanessa was very calming and clear about the different ways in which we could talk things through. She created a safe space for me to express my emotions and worries with no judgement or bias. I have taken a lot away with me from my time with Vanessa, I've learnt a lot about myself. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her in the future." (aged 26)

"Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for your help with ….. It is fantastic to see him confident and happy again! You have been such a great help to us." (parents of 11 year old)

"Counselling was an awesome experience and I achieved everything I hoped from it. After counselling I feel more confident at home, school and in public. Also I’ve found ways to cope with my anger. It’s helped so much." (aged 12)

"I understand myself better. Talking about feelings, my situation, my personality helped. Knowing I was coming every week was good." (aged 14)